domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Sharing our e-project with the world

Today we have shared our Open Voices' project with the world at the 7th Virtual Round Table Web Conference! As you can see in our blog, we want our students to become brave journalists! We want them to keep in touch with the news, to debate, to make interviews or to create a newspaper with interesting things for them. In our project we will explain the students how to conduct a good interview, how to create a newspaper online, how to work with headlines every day...
Our idea is the teacher to use Factmonster to challenge the students and catch up with current events and also talk in class about different news. We want the students to watch the news or read newspaper the way they can and propose every week three or four interesting topics for them they want to discuss about. The teacher will create a doodle every week and the most voted topic of that week will be debated the following week.
As they are 5th graders, the teacher can use the session of Civics/citizenship to discuss. We think is very important for our students to keep in touch with news and events around them, especially in this society in which everything is happening so fast. And, as Spain has students from different countries, is a very good idea to share what's happening there and connect experiences.
We'll try to encourage our kids to OPEN their VOICES and tell what things they are interested in and enjoy with news and events. Thank you very much to Mª Jesús García San Martín for giving us the opportunity to share our project and to the Virtual Round Table Web Conference for being the stage!

miércoles, 9 de abril de 2014


LET`S BECOME COMPUTER DETECTIVES! By playing these games, students will improve their skills at using computers. Have a look!



What's up lately? Have a look at this great website FACTMONSTER and CHALLENGE your students. They will read some key events in world news for the month. 

Furthermore, it is full of interesting articles, readings and activities to carry out with our students. For instance, Easter is coming, so use FACTMONSTER! What about a cooperative project in which students in groups investigate about different facts?

lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

First steps to become a good reporter

Critical thinking is developed little by little. Children need to work out their questioning skills before getting into some more complicated tasks.

Find below a warm-up activity to start out:


To organise the activity, the steps followed in the Chat Show are:
  • Listen to a story
  • Take the role of a character
  • Describe that character
  • What would you like to ask the character if you had the chance to meet him?
  • Come up with some questions
  • As a big group activity we reflect on what makes a good question (punctuation, words, order...)
  • Sit down and write your questions down (individually, in pairs or small groups)
  • Then...time for THE CHAT SHOW! The teacher acts as the "TV host.  
  • Someone dresses up as the chosen character. In turns, we ask him/her questions.
  • Someone will be in charge of recording the interview: Children acting like reporters

Take the challenge and do it! Promote critical thinking within your students!

Behind the scenes

Take a look at our trailer's making off...
...3,2,1 ACTION!

lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

Hello World!

Our "Turn Journalists Into Brave Reporters" team is ready to present our wonderful project!
We are Alba, Alejandra, Bea and Jose. We will be working on an E-project for our ICT class.
We are looking forward to start this exciting adventure!

To be continued...